Welcome to my online resume!


Welcome to www.garyvanzandt.com.

This is my first attempt at building my own online website where I can display my professional accomplishments.




You may be asking yourself “why is he building this site?”  Simply put since my long-time position (14 years) with the Mercedes-Benz Dealers of Southern California disappeared in 2010 because of the economy, I’ve searched high and low for another position — so far without any luck. And from watching the news, reading the papers and listening to others I’m obviously not the only person that’s experiencing this.


With so many qualified (and some not-so-qualified) people seeking new employment, there are hundreds of thousands if not millions of Resumes (C.V.’s for you Europeans) floating around on desktops (both real and Cyber).  With so many pieces of paper and electronic files it’s simply mandatory that you stand out from everyone else.


On November 16, 2011  I attended a seminar sponsored by CBS Radio at the Hollywood Paladium entitled “Social:  The Now Media.”  The featured speaker — Steve Rubel from Edelman P.R./Toronto, spoke about marketing small businesses using Social Media — but he may as well have been talking about marketing anything — including yourself.  He made it quite clear — “these days people want to be dazzled with graphs and pictures.”  The light bulb inside my head FINALLY turned on — time to “socially” market myself.  Paper Resumes and Electronic files no longer cut it.  Thus the birth of this web site — www.garyvanzandt.com.


This site won’t be perfect, but given time it will be fun.  Stay tuned and come back often as I add content from my 14+ years as Regional Marketing Director with the Mercedes-Benz Dealers of Southern California.  I’ll be adding all of the TV creative — from our award-winning Cybill Shepherd campaign up to the more corporately-oriented creative from 2008/09.  I’m also adding something special from my time as Regional Account Supervisor on Midas (Aloha Hawaii and Hello Alaska!).  Finally I’ll include information about my work as Secretary/Treasurer of the California Basketball Official’s Association — a 501(c)3 non-profit educational corporation.


Special “shout out” go to  Jim Dodgen from CMS (Irvine, CA) and Jennifer Rosky from Career Progressions  (Los Angeles, CA)  for keeping me positive the past 12+ months and giving me the initiative to do this.


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