Midas “I Brake for Kids”


Objective:  Increase consumer awareness of Midas as a brake repair specialist


Strategy:  Using a comprehensive 4-6 week marketing program, increase community awareness of Midas as a brake repair outlet (specialist) using an emotional hook as the selling point.



  • Public Relations:
    • Utilize local agency or contact(s) to involve local government, proclaiming “I Brake for Kids Month”
    • Hold press conference announcing event with local media invited via press release
  • Media:  Utilize via TV and radio tags, custom radio copy, direct mail and newspaper
  • Contest:  Create excitement by tying-in an incentive, i.e.:  “Kids are back in school.  Make sure your car’s brakes are safe and will stop your car to protect those kids by coming to Midas to have a free brake check and register to win a trip for four to Disneyland”POP:  Extend via the use of counter cards, posters, bay banners and bumper stickers



  • Tracking brake sales and traffic
  • Measuring/tracking local publicity
  • Tracking coupons




One of Several Bumper Stickers -- this one given to TWA Hawaiian customers


Midas Island-Wide Advo Direct Mail Drop 08 30 88

Midas' Island-Wide Advo Direct Mail Drop



Governor of Hawaii's 1988 Proclamation Photo

Governor of Hawaii Signing the 1988 Proclamation



The Governor of Hawaii's 1988 "I Brake for Kids Month" Proclamation



The Winner

The Winner of the trip for four to Disneyland



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