MBDSC: 1997-98



In 1996, the Agency hired Communicus Advertising Research to measure the MBDSC and M-B national campaigns to:

  • Determine the effective reach of the MBDSC’s campaign
  • Assess the campaign’s impact
  • Provide diagnostic data to identify points of increased potential advertising leverage


Communicus recommended that the Cybill Shepherd campaign continue:

  • Cybill Shepherd was an excellent choice as MBDSC spokesperson.  Mercedes built local equity quickly and benefitted from solid advertiser identification.
  • The Cybill campaign:
    • Showed incremental impact to the national M-B campaign, particularly focusing on dealer-related items
    • The MBDSC’s Cybill campaign out-performed all Communicus research automotive norms, as well as M-B’s national campaign
    • Campaign performance scores were even higher among the younger age group (Adults 25-45) and women, providing an entrée into the female luxury market while also providing excellent leverage among the male segment
    • Cybill Shepherd built equity in terms of strong association with the M-B brand
    • The campaign served to increase advertising effectiveness against those reached by M-B’s national campaign
    • The Cybill Shepherd radio spots performed at much higher levels than typically found for automotive radio – due both to the extension of the campaign to radio and the use of a matching radio and TV spots.


With research results in-hand DES set-forth developing the 1997 MBDSC Business Plan:

  • 1997 Business Objective
    • Sell 19,361 retail vehicles
    • Communication Objective:  Put Mercedes-Benz on intender’s must-consider list
    • Target Market Group
      • Adults 35-55,  50% men/50% women
      • Owners of cars <$28k
      • $75K average HHI
      • Strategy:  Dramatize the dissonance between the actual and expected price of cars of this magnitude
      • Benefit:  Constant pleasure in a superb choice
      • Tone and Manner:  Light-hearted and somewhat irreverent


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